• Garden Maintenance

    A beautiful garden can seem like a fairy tale, but with professional input, it can become a reality. What it includes: • Weed removal in landscaped paths • Planting flowers and shrubs • Fertilization • Complete clearance, if necessary • Hedge trimming • Application of weed killer. • Leaf sweeping • Tidy up • Weeding –flowerbeds, borders • Lawn maintenance, mowing, trimming. • General sweeping if necessary • Cutting back overgrown bushes/shrubs and plants • Fence installation and repairs
  • Complete Garden Clearance

    This service is suitable for newly purchased or leased property whose garden needs a thorough cleaning and pruning of old overgrown and unsupported shrubs, flowers and grass. In many cases, the garden only requires neatening up and tidying ready for new flowers and plants.
  • Green Waste Removal

    Gathering, loading and transportation of any garden rubbish. Branches, bushes, dirt, old pots, flowers and mown grass cleared safely and in-line with local regulations.
  • Tree Surgery

    All tree work can be undertaken. Staff NPTC trained and fully insured Send your request with pictures before booking for free estimate and advice • Thinning • Dead Wooding • Lopping • Tree Felling • Reduction • Pruning • Dangerous Trees • Stump Grinding • Tree Bracing & Crane work
  • Landscaping

    Landscaping can be a complete or partial change for your garden, designed with our expertise to your specifications. Includes: replacing grass and hardwood flooring, planting different species of plants and shrubs. Installing wood floors (decking). Assembling garden furniture summerhouses, sheds, greenhouses and garden fences. Visit is required for an estimate.
  • Hedge Trimming

    Pruning and shaping of hedge fences up to 5 meters height. Choosing to have hedges instead of walls, reflects your desire to be surrounded by beauty and nature. A hedge provides privacy along with colour, scent and a sanctuary for wildlife. The thing is hedges need regular upkeep, or they will become an overwhelming job. Keeping your hedges trimmed regularly is essential.
  • Jet Washing

    Using a professional high bar steam cleaner, we can clean patios, garages, parking spaces. We also clean most garden furniture and flooring as in tiles, paving, decking, asphalt and bricks. Certain materials and stains require different preparations, and these are tailored per individual requirements. A site test is always conducted. Access to running water and adequate drainage is required.
  • Gutter Cleaning

    Cleaning is conducted using the latest equipment. Our special vacuum has a mounted camera to allow direct access. If further access is required, as in the case of replacement brackets, we come prepared with an 8ft ladder.

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