Green Waste Removal

Green Waste Removal Looking after a garden properly produces rubbish that needs disposal in the correct way. Burning garden rubbish is not acceptable anymore within UK council rules, and most councils do not freely collect garden rubbish. Most areas have special collection points for garden rubbish disposal, and these can often be quite a distance from the town or city. Transporting garden rubbish in your car is not always a preferred option, especially if you have tree branches or particularly dirty rubbish to carry like old plant pots or grass clippings!

Our company is licensed for collection, processing, and recycling of garden waste. The service includes collection and loading of branches, bushes, dirt, old pots, flowers and grass clippings from the garden.

So rather than using your precious free time to load the car, take to the designated point, then unload your car (then clean the car!), contact us and we will organise it all for you, efficiently and quickly.

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