Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming Our company has a team of professionals who can provide the upkeep required to maintain your hedges. We provide hedging, shaping and cutting up to 5 meters. The frequency depends on the selected plant, for example, Boxwood grows slowly and would not require frequent pruning, but remember all hedges need attention in spring and autumn.

Along with pruning, other jobs are required to keep hedges in tip top condition:

• During hedge trimming the soil around the bush should be dug over, and well fertilised.
• Cutting the plants should be done smoothly, to avoid tearing or crushing.
• Loose-textured and low shrubs need to be pruned back to encourage healthy growth.
• Dead flowers need removing; prolonging the life of remaining flowers.

Hiring someone for hedge trimming is not only aesthetically justified but is required to ensure the life and strength of the plants you have chosen to use, keeping your hedges, functional and attractive.

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