Jet Washing

Jet Washing You have a dingy, dirty maybe polluted area? Not only disgusting to see but can be slippery, dangerous & smelly. Not at all what you want to look at nor your guests or visitors. What are your options? The answer is our Jet Steam washing.

• Hygienic and disinfecting.
• Heavily polluted areas respond well to being washed with steam.
• Specifically prepared cleaning agents appropriate to the environment.
• Trained, professional personal.
• All sites, garages, driveways , patio’s and terraces can be treated with this method.* • Cleans a variety of surfaces; tiles, asphalt, wood for outdoor usage, brick, and most garden furniture
• Area specific compounds can break down stains allowing them to be washed away.

*Drainage and access to running water required. Professional, trained staff, using commercial equipment can get your areas cleaned in no time. Every area undergoes a pre-check to avoid any complications.

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