Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery The presence of dangerous trees is a serious problem that requires prompt measures.

Every arborist (expert) will tell you that the effects of not taking timely measures can be particularly serious.To prevent any incidents, there should be periodic tree inspections to monitor their age, health and ensure they are getting adequate support.

Cutting trees is an activity that requires a technically well-prepared team. Initially, we offer our customers a free consultation with an assessment and advice on the trees. Depending on the tree, its health, age and circumstance we can provide several options:

• Thinning
• Processing of dead areas
• Trimming, pruning
• Pruning of hazardous trees
• Removal (elimination) of stumps

If required tree bracing by crane can be provided.

Our staff are professionally trained and fully insured to carry out these tasks, holding all the relevant qualifications for plant and equipment that are required by law.

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